The How Programme

Are you fed up with diets, counting calories, fad foods and living off liquid shakes only to gain weight once again after you return to old habits?

Spent hours in the gym without getting the results you expected?

Is emotional eating overriding your willpower?

Would you like to learn a more sustainable way of managing your weight without restrictive dieting that fits within your lifestyle?

A new team of healthcare professionals now exists in Bath, dedicated to helping you.

A life changing weight loss program brought to you by our hero team. With your very own Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Mind Coach guiding you to your goals.

Starting at just £475 for 9 sessions

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How The How Programme can help you…

We offer you a team which understands:

*the body’s nutritional needs and ways of eating which help manage weight.

*physical activity suited to your level of fitness which will promote body-fat loss.

*the emotional and psychological aspects which may have held you back in past attempts.

Members of the World Health Heroes have come together to offer you this unique solution to managing your weight – a multidisciplinary approach which combines:

* Nutritional Therapy
* Personal Fitness Training
* Mind Coaching with Hypnotherapy

Our promise to you:

* We will help you discover how you can use your mind and body – with the knowledge and training we will supply – to alter your relationship with food.
* You will learn self help techniques to get physically fitter and mentally stronger so that you can work independently in the long term.
* Every session from our team members will be individually tailored to your situation and needs – not a one size fits all approach.

Are you ready to make changes and finally see results?

If so, we’d love to work with you.

How it works in practice:

You make an appointment with each team member initially. The Starter Package includes 3 sessions, with each team member, to be booked at times convenient to you.

Here’s your team for Bath

Hannah Braye, of Fine Feather Nutrition, our Nutritional Therapist, will work with you to develop a strategy for healthy eating and weight management as well as looking at possible underlying factors such as hormone dysfunction and/or digestive issues.

Fine Feather Nutrition Website

Daniel Kronenberg, our Hypnotherapist, will help you create a positive mindset, reduce stress – which can be a major factor in weight gain – and curb any unhealthy emotional eating patterns. Hypnotherapy can also teach you to understand and overcome limiting beliefs, reduce cravings and develop goals for sustainable weight management.

Daniel Kronenberg Clinical Hypnotherapist Website

Louise Bennett, our Personal Trainer, will discuss your fitness goals with you and deliver a programme to help you achieve them. Louise is qualified in a broad range of training techniques and will select the best approach to help you reach your target in sessions that are fun, focused and motivational throughout.

Body Bennettfit Website

How much will it cost?

Starter Package:

For the price of £475 you will receive 3 sessions with each team member. That’s 9 individually tailored sessions to help you develop the mental and physical skills and nutritional information needed to reach your desired weight.

Not only will you receive 9 one to one sessions but you will also take away:

An individualised nutritional assessment and advice on sustainable healthy eating suited to you which you can use for the future.
An exercise plan tailored to your needs and ability.
Hypnosis MP3s to reinforce the sessions to enable you to reach your goals and overcome any emotional barriers.

Top Ups:

Once you’ve completed the Starter Package, you can purchase individual sessions in the future, from any team member, to have a top up or work on specific issues in more detail should you need to.

N.B. Each team member has a different fee. This can be discussed with the team member and purchased directly.

To Book Your Place:

Simply leave your details and pay for your package and the 3 members of the team will contact you shortly to book you in for initial sessions with them.

Book Your Package Here

If you would like to know more about the package as a whole please email at [email protected]

If you’d like to talk to a team member to find out more or to ask any questions, before committing, then please feel free to call Daniel on 07472 134824 for a chat.

We look forward to working with you.

Terms and Conditions:
Once you have purchased the Starter Package, there will be no refund unless under exceptional circumstances.